AMA review - May 28 2022

Last updated on May 30, 2022 05:59
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The first stage of blockchain testing, its mobile part, has passed. Everything works flawlessly. More than 200 people have already connected to the network, although we planned 100 people. For 2 weeks, the total income of network members reached about 1000 FNM or 100,000 FENOMY BEP20.

We studied operation of different devices and found features that complicate the networking. This is due production peculiarities, the difference between custom systems and the original. There is the way to improve the networking efficiency of custom devices.

We updated the tracker – now it is more convenient to track, search and sort information.

After successful first stage, we are starting the second stage, which will last throughout June. If the testing is successful, then we can expect to complete the development earlier than scheduled.

Reputation (FR) and the minimum BEP20 tokens balance will soon be taken into account. For now, the cost of network tasks is fixed, but in the future it will become dynamic.

The mobile and web application will be updated soon. The updates are primarily related to stabile operation and participation in the blockchain network.

We started introducing Chinese into our system. It will take about 1-2 weeks. The next language will be French.

Answering the questions:

Financing. We use our own funds for the development first. All project investors in the past and in the present are partners and founders of the project. We also use tokens, but no more than 10% of the total expenses and they are mainly spent on marketing.

Developers. The project is being developed by the community, that lives in 13 countries. There are 3 companies in 3 countries that provide the legal status of hiring the core team.

Road map. Developments are proceeding according to the plan with minor shifts. Soon we will make an update and add some new information to the roadmap. In particular, there is no integration with DAPP in the roadmap, nevertheless it has been carried out. It is a lot of work that required optimization of the entire authorization system.

Tokens. 1/3 of the tokens in the near future will not be traded at all, it is locked, another 1/3 is in liquidity and in the ownership of partners. Now only 1/3 of the tokens is traded and will be traded for a long time.

XT. We will not specifically develop this course. We are an atypical and long term project. Regardless of the market situation, we will continue our development. We focus on the tasks of our partners. After some work is completed, we will be able to introduce our new and old partners and ensure the key security issues at the events planned this summer and fall.

The cost of tokens. The cost is not tied to the project success, but is more tied to other cryptocurrencies. There is no need to evaluate the project success by the token price. This is not objective and does not reflect the real situation.

Companies or communities using Fenomy algorythms. 1. People’s dispatcher community. 2. Security company that implements our algorithms for smart devices. 3. This summer our partners will use Fenomy algorythms for organizing security at public events.

Thank you for your support!

We are always happy to help you!

Fenomy Team


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