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We carried out a major and significant update of this component. Since July 11, reputation has been used for members of Fenomy Blockchain network and already directly affects the amount of accruals for completed tasks.
Reputation is determined by more than 150 indicators, including:

- Profile age and activity in the system.

- How the profile is filled out.

- Settings for tasks and calls.
- Connections in circles, their activity and reputation of connections.
- Balance of FNM and tokens.
- Participation in groups of all types and their reputation.
- Participation in the Ambassador program and testing community.
- Subscription to external information platforms of the system.
- Availability of a personal link, public QR codes and the number of referrals at all levels.
- Participation in Fenomy Blockchain.
- Bound BSC wallets.
- Public reputation.

And much more...

Reputation can be negatively affected by:
- Cheat, mass registrations and other unhealthy activity.
- Warnings and complaints.

How to increase reputation? You need to fill out your profile, confirm your email, establish honest and active connections. To increase your reputation, you can also buy FENOMY BEP20 tokens and accumulate a system coin.

Any attempt to deceive the system will eventually negatively affect the reputation and may even lead to account blocking. Common violations include, for example, cheating connections to increase balance and reputation. At some point, all profiles that were noticed in cheating will be blocked. Any operations with FNM for such profiles will also be unavailable.


We have successfully completed the first phase of Fenomy Blockchain testing. More than 600 devices took part in the testing. Participants earned more than 20,000 FNM during the testing, which exceeds 2,000,000 FENOMY BEP20. More than 120 thousand blocks have already been created. No failures were found.

In the first phase of the Blockchain mobile part testing, the accruals to participants were increased and fixed, and other participant parameters were not taken into account. The system pays participants a lot to keep the developing more efficient and faster. Due to participants, the developers received rich usage statistics and took into account the results in further work.

The second phase of testing from July 11 involves individual accruals to each participant for network tasks. The amount of rewards depends on:
- The reputation of the network member.
- The balance of FENOMY tokens on BSC wallets bound to Fenomy ID.

To get the maximum payout value, pay attention to:

1) Fenomy ID reputation must be at least 650.
2) The balance of tokens on the BSC account must be at least 1000.

For those who have reputation below 650 and a token balance of 0, the accruals will also remain, but will be several times less than if they have a good account with high reputation and a balance of FENOMY tokens on BSC. Better yet, have a balance of FNM system coins.

The cost of tasks for each Fenomy ID is calculated individually and is updated once a day. In the next update of the application, the cost of tasks will displayed in the Profile.

The larger the balance of tokens on BSC-bound accounts is, the higher reward you get. There is a direct correlation.

For example:

With a reputation of 800 and a balance of 1,000,000 tokens in the BSC wallet, the cost of task 1
will be 0.174875 FNM.
With a zero balance of tokens and reputation below 650, the
accruals will be 7.94 times less than in the example above.

Other news:

The work on the new version 1.09 of the mobile application is at the final stage. We are inplementing small but important changes. Security-related parameters are tested.

The launch of telegram bot and Amnesty on telegram. With the launch of the official system telegram bot, we plan to carry out a wide amnesty for all those who have been blocked on telegrams during all this time. The bot is still in the process of implementation. Later we will inform you how to earn extra FNM through the bot.

3) In the very next few days, an updated Roadmap of the project will be presented.

4) We continue to work on the new WP.
We will finish it and publish it by the end of this month.

Important! Now the team needs to carry out regular updates. In this regard, we may legally suspend the operation of some services, transfer them to manual control mode and take other actions that are necessary for high-quality implementation. We will inform you about all the most important steps.

Thank you for your support!

We are always happy to help you!

Fenomy Team


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