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AMA review 2 Sept. 2022

Published Sep 05, 2022 04:42
Last update Dec 28, 2022 06:26

The Fenomy team is actively preparing for the WORLD BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT in Dubai, which will be held on October 17-18 this year. Three members of our team will participate in the summit. Now we are preparing to update all the main content, documentation, the WP and the Roadmap, our website design, add new languages to the site and app, and much more. Read more about the summit on their website https://worldblockchainsummit.com/dubai/. Whoever wants to take part and meet up with us, you can buy a participant slot there.

We continue to work on updating system components, identifying vulnerabilities, optimizing data transfer algorithms, etc. This process is largely determined by the results of testing the system. Almost every day we transfer updates from the test node to the main node. The debugging mode and the collection of a large amount of statistics are now in process, which can affect the speed of updating data on user applications. Important to know: our work does not and will not affect the integrity of your data.

Version 1.10 of the mobile application is in testing mode and is being prepared to be uploaded to Google play. The APK version can already be downloaded and installed directly from our official website.

Phase 2 of Fenomy Blockchain testing is proceeding according to plan. More than 360 thousand blocks were produced; more than 700 thousand tasks were completed in total. About 1000 participants have already taken and are taking part in testing. Network stability exceeds 99% and 1% -planned shutdowns. Upon successful completion of the 2nd phase of testing, we will be able to start the 3rd phase in October, which will provide significantly more opportunities for our participants to earn money. In total, participants have already earned more than 53,000 FNM. Important: only during the testing period, the system pays a lot for a small amount of work performed.

The BEP20 wallet binding on mobile devices via Metamask and Trustwallet is already working on the test node. For the main network, this opportunity will appear soon. Any participant will be able to log in / create a profile / link a BEP20 wallet / make an exchange through an internal exchanger both from a computer and from a mobile device. This issue has already been resolved, we are checking and updating.

Atomization of payments on the line of the exchange. After large-scale works in the security system, we are ready to switch to automatic exchange payments and enable the reverse exchange of tokens for FNM. In the coming days, transactions will be recovered and the whole process will go quickly from application to execution. At the moment, there may still be technical difficulties in conducting transactions. After the announcements, you will need to create all exchange requests for new ones.

We have already said that we plan to carry out an amnesty on Telegram. Now we know the date - September 5. The telegram bot, which is being developed as part of an ecosystem with all integrated solutions, will start working in full. You can already turn on the bot and go through a simple verification, enter your Fenomy ID. This will give you additional benefits in the future and the opportunity to receive rewards that we give out regularly.

At the moment, a large update of identifying inactive accounts is being carried out, which will happen automatically in the future. Therefore, non-living connections can negatively affect your reputation. Important: connections created only for reputation or for rewards will not give any increase in reputation or rewards. In certain cases, the profile may be blocked.

Issues of current interest:

For those who like to run a lot of alarms and accept other people's alarms. These actions are not useful, and vice versa, after the completion of the second phase of Blockchain testing in alarm mode, tasks will not be performed, nothing will be performed at all, because the alarm mode is an emergency mode and in it the phone switches to power saving mode. Also, with the start of the 3rd phase of testing, the rules of getting benefits will change and the profile history may not help, but only hurt.

For those who like to form connections with everyone in a row, and not just with familiar people. This action may negatively affect your reputation in the system and the amount of benefits.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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