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AMA review Fenomy System 16 Sept. 2022

Published Sep 19, 2022 05:34
Last update Feb 22, 2023 04:01

Fenomy System teamed up with Crypto Investors to talk about the Fenomy ecosystem and project, answer questions and have a chat of what is to come. 

1. What’s your background, how did you get into crypto, why did you decide to make Fenomy?


Our team does not have a background in crypto; we only have the background that we have created over the years with developing Fenomy. Yes, we do have some of the technology and we have our own token, but that is just one very small part of our ecosystem. We do not have any other crypto assets and do not plan on any other in the future.


From the begging Fenomy was never a crypto project and right now we can’t say that it has become one either. The main function of the blockchain in our ecosystem is security. The idea of creating a separate token in a third-party blockchain and integrating it into the ecosystem did not come immediately. Our understanding of the need for it came less than a year ago, after the start of testing. The token has become something of a bridge between the ecosystem that is in development and the public BSC. In other words, the role of the FENOMY crypto asset is to be one of the components of the ecosystem, to use the capabilities of BSC, to participate as an auxiliary tool in the work of other components of the ecosystem.

How Fenomy was created

The idea of Fenomy originated many years ago based on the understanding of the problem in the field of security. The idea was based on professional and personal experience and over time, the concept got stronger and received great support in the professional community and among acquaintances. The idea matured for several years, and only at the end of 2019, with a small team and at our own expense we began working on the project, which we continue to this day and do not plan to stop. Funding for development still largely comes from the personal funds of the team.

2. Tell us about your team, and what are your roles in the project? Are you KYCd?

CEO of the project was KYCd at Pinksale.

The project has a full time team which at the moment consists of 6 developers, marketing specialists, technical specialists, as well as project management. All the people working on the project have been with us for 1 year or more. The total professional experience of the main development team exceeds 100 years, and the average age of team members is over 40 years. Each member of the team has their own unique development experience in various fields, from banking to education and science. We are all adults and professionally accomplished people and complement each other with our experience.

Also, a community from more than 10 countries participates in the development of the project, and it is constantly expanding. The project has a permanent team of testers.

3. Tell us about Fenomy in a couple of sentences.

Fenomy is an ecosystem with its own blockchain, built on the principles of a horizontal economy and models of relationships between people in real life. With the tools that Fenomy can provide, you can create various solutions and products, including for commercial use, for interactions between participants and groups of participants in a variety of areas from domestic to commercial, ensuring personal and family safety, including critical situations, coordinating interactions between groups of people or smart devices, business process management, financial instruments and much more.

There is a mobile and web application.

The project has a roadmap until mid-2024. It can be found on our website. This will help you better understand our plans, as well as the path that we have already traveled. There is also a WP, which will also be updated soon.

4. Let’s go more into detail, tell us about how it works, all the features.

The ecosystem consists of nodes, its own Blockchain, which is already undergoing the second phase of testing, user clients for mobile devices and for working via the web, a reputation center, a message-processing center and other components.

Features and possible advantages of the system are:

- Ability to work completely anonymously. You do not need to enter any personal data to create a profile, Email, phones. Everything is done in one click. Between the client application and the node, the exchange takes place in the form of instructions, and not arrays of data.

- Client applications can work offline, accept commands that go to the node even with rare and weak Internet.

- The system will be able to work even without Internet access, in a closed local network, if a private node is used.

- The system is completely self-sufficient for each participant. The functionality does not depend on the total number of participants in the system.

- The basic principle of work is based on loyalty circles, of which there are 4. The first circle is formed directly by the participants, the rest are automatic. More information about how the circles work is available on our website.

- Members of the system can create calls to each other. Calls come in many different types: emergency or alarm, as well as calls in groups or when working on tasks that members can create for circles or for groups.

- All signals in the system go through the nodes, and not directly between the participants. Depending on the type of signal, a certain algorithm is launched. So all the mathematics are done not by the client, but by the system.

- An important component of the system is the Reputation Center, which is linked to all other components. Each participant in the system has a reputation and affects all the possibilities.

The main tools of the system that have already been implemented or are in the process of being introduced to the system:

- ALARM function to request emergency assistance in situations when there is a threat to life and health.

- Tools for creating tasks that allow you to find help in different life situations or a contractor for a specific task in your circles.

- Tools for business development and protection. Tools for interaction between the Company and customers. Reputation. Accounts. Public codes.

- Groups, associations, companies. Public and closed. Permanent and with a fixed lifetime.

- Financial instruments. Internal transfers of funds. Investments. Crowdfunding.

- Own Fenomy Blockchain. Private nodes. The power of mobile devices is used.

5. Tell us about your tokenomics? Is your contract audited?

The system has its own FNM coin, which will become public after testing is completed and the blockchain is open. We have our own FENOMY token on BSC. Contract audit passed with Interfi. 180,000,000 tokens were issued. Liquidity is locked for 4 years. Now it is 35% of the market cap. Market cap is now $500k. Vesting of command tokens for almost 4 years. You can see the data in our launchpad on Pinksale for more details.

6. What is in your Roadmap?

The first public version of the Roadmap appeared more than a year ago, even before the decision to create our own BSC token. Since then, a lot has changed, mainly in the direction of increasing the volume of work. Over the past months, we have been working on a large number of tasks that were not on the original roadmap.

- Ahead of schedule, we completed Phase 1 testing of Fenomy Blockchain and started Phase 2. The public tracker of Fenomy Blockchain was launched, which is available at the link fenomy.io. There is a reason to believe that we will be able to complete Blockchain ahead of schedule

-We plan to make the first public announcement of our own Blockchain technology at the World Blockchain Summin in Dubai, which will be held October 17-19. The project will have its own zone at the exhibition.

- Internal exchanger FNM ↔ FENOMY BEP20

- System integration with Metamask and Trustwallet. Registration / authorization / binding of BSC wallets has become available.

- Tool "People's dispatcher".

- Project Helpdesk.

- Improved language pack system. We already have Chinese in the mobile app and we will add more languages soon. In addition, Chinese and other languages will appear in the web application.

- Added the ability to install an Android application via APK and a lot of work has been done on the way to the ability to work without using Google services.

- The integration of the FENOMY BEP20 token into the Reputation system was carried out, a lot was done to make our token become a real tool and part of the ecosystem.

- The system has its own official telegram bot, which is already partially integrated with the main system.

- A huge amount of work has been done on the security of the system, many bugs have been fixed, implementations and improvements have been made.

- There have also been 10 updates to the Android app.

- Intensified work on the new design of the web application. We will present it in October just before the summit.

- By the summit, we also accelerated the work on the documentation. Moreover, the Arabic language will be ready for the summit in mobile and web applications.

Of the most important things, we are doing now:

- Incident management center in the participant's personal account. It's already more than half done.

- Assignment tool for circles and groups. Search for performers by criteria. Tasks for the appointed reward.

- Tool "Groups": companies, associations, permanent and temporary groups. Group reputation.
- We are also working on a reputation API for use in third-party applications.

7. Where and when was the launch of the project? Was it a presale or fair launch?

We held the private sale ourselves. The presale of the limited number of tokens was on Pinksale at the beginning of February 2022. The token cost was fixed. IDO was completed in 7 minutes. Our Launch was on February 11th.

8. Who can use your app from the business point of view?

There are various use cases for the app. Any company with a large number of employees can use it. For example, it is easy and convenient to make group tasks through our app. You just form a group assignment and when it is done people report there.

In the security field you can, for example, make circles not only between people, but security cameras. You connect them using the circles and you can do everything with this system.

Fenomy is stepping into an international space. That is why we are going to Dubai. We want to make connections with new partners and companies, which are looking to implementing some kind of a system of trust.

9. How are you using crypto?

The project itself is not a crypto project. We have a token and a coin. But the main goal to involve crypto in our project is to reward people for completing different tasks.

10. Since you have you own Blockchain do you plan to benefit from bridging solutions? Do you have any established activities with outsourse bridges so far?

As of right now, we have our coin FNM that lives on our private Blockchain. In addition, we have a token on Binance Smart Chain, which is FENOMY. We do not use bridges. The only bridge is inside our system on our website – going from the private Blockchain to the public.

11. Are there any ongoing contests on your social media platforms?

No. You can get rewards helping us out in the testing. Install the app, enable the Blockchain in the app and you will start getting automatic daily rewards just for having the Blockchain on. Also you can sign up for the Ambassador program and represent us in different communities. You can be a mod and also get rewards for that. For detailed information contact @ fenomy_support on Telegram or go to our website to talk directly on our webchat.

12. Could you please explane how the second circle in your app is formed?

It is formed automatically from the the first circle of your first circle participants. For examle, you have your brother in your first circle. And he has a close friend whom he puts in his first circle. So for your brother that close friend is in the first circle, but for you – in the second. And you have the option to pick the circle you want to send the Alarm to.

If your brother puts his friend in the first circle, that means he trusts him. Moreover, you obviously can trust him too. In addition, to find out if you can trust a system participant, we have Reputation. Reputation helps participants trust one another without knowing them.

13. How flexible is your project to change quickly?

The project is super flexible, it is constantly evolving. Check the Roadmap on our website - you will see how many changes there have been since the start of the project. We always keep up with the times.

14. What is the speed of transactions on your Blockchain?

It depends on the importance of a transaction. Internal transactions, not financial, are carried out almost immediately. Important financial transactions can take time – from a couple of minutes to 20-30 minutes. If the importance of a financial transaction is low, it is carried out quite fast. The ffeature of our Blockchain implies any option for conducting transactions.

15. Will registration be free for ordinary users?

The system for basic users will always be free.

16. Do we need to pay for any help we receive?

You do not have to pay for help. If you want to, you can always do that. In our system, you can pay someone, but you don’t have to.

17. Are you planning collaboration with telecommunication companies?

For now, no, because we are still testing the system. There are tools that have already been established, but we are still working on different tools. In addition, there are updates we are planning to introduce later. On collaborating with telecommunication companies, we will be deciding when everything is done, when we have a totally finished product.

18. It is a technical project and for some people it may be difficult to understand. Are you planning to educate people more about the tech aspect?

Our website is undergoing a massive redesign and refresh because along with the Whitepaper it is quite technical. Our main goal now is to educate people that is why we are doing AMAs every Friday on our platform and over here today. So wait for the website update coming in October, it will be much more user friendly and nicer to the eye.

19. Are you planning to introduce something like Zoom not only to stay connected, but also to be able to see people from circles – for families and also for companies?

We are not a social media platform, so no video. The most of what there will be is a private chat user to user. It will be fully private.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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