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AMA review - May 6 2022

Published May 11, 2022 17:19
Last update May 20, 2022 11:23

The project team continues updating and working on the most important components of the system.

The updates:

Website – we are making preparations for the new design, the structure of information is being rebuilt.

Helpdesk is a universal solution, fully integrated with the main platform, that allows you to create news, articles and documentation.

We fixed many problems, implemented some improvements and added new options to the moble application.

We carried out large-scale processing and full integration of dapp into authorization system. Now it is possible not only to connect via dapp application, but also to create new profiles, associate fenomy id with any number of bep20 wallets, and authorize without using a secret code. In the future, these capabilities will be extended to other networks and we will add new types of authorization. We are doing everything step by step.

Dashboard – we added the ability to control bound wallets and launched FNM - FENOMY BEP20 exchanger. While making corrections we identified problems with operation on different devices and improved the mechanisms.

Blockchain - the mobile part of the network has been launched in testing mode. Any member can now connect to the network and allow the device to perform tasks, participate in calculations.

Telegram bot is also an important component of the ecosystem. We are implementing it slowly, because it is connected to other components of the system. Nevertheless, we are going quite well and soon many of the system's features will be used directly from Telegram.

People's Dispatcher - we have completed the development and testing. The tool is working and is now waiting for other components that are needed for its full use and formation of a community.

We never stoped working on the incident control center, as well as groups and tasks, which largely depend on the above decisions and are expected by our partners. The finalized development of these components will allow the system to gain a more complete form and begin to solve complex problems.


Our Blockchain will be first of all used to ensure all operations within the system. Each operation between users will be confirmed by a transaction. Financial transactions, including transfers between members, are secondary, that is why they are not allowed until all work is completed and the network is fully launched.

The leading role in the network is given to mobile devices with installed application. To participate in the network, you must enable the Blockchain option and fulfill the requirements - give the application all the rights that are required during installation, the right to work in the background, access to geolocation. Also geolocation must be enabled on the device itself.

A device connected to the network performs regular tasks. Now there are 2 types of them, in the future there will be more. The number of completed tasks is displayed in the same block as own and other. Own is the task of forming your own block, Other is the task of confirming the hash of someone else's block. 1 own block gives the right to confirm 1 someone else's block. This is how it works to be short. Both own and someone else's blocks are used to form the next blocks. Blocks live until they are canceled when added to a transaction. This is the task of type 3. Each task is rewarded. Each type of task has its own cost. Own is more expensive than Other. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you get.

Reputation affects the amount of rewards. At the first stage, any member can participate in the network without any additional conditions, but very soon there will be restrictions on the minimum reputation value (we talked about that earlier), as well as on the minimum balance in BEP20 tokens. In other words, not everyone will be able to participate and earn, - only holders of system tokens who confirmed their reliability as members by having high reputation. The higher your reputation and balance in tokens are, the bigger reward for each task you get.

Everything that has already been completed will also be paid, although the accruals themselves will begin around May 9-10, as we start the automatic payment mode. Summing up the day will be done at midnight UTC. The first accruals will be increased, and as the number of network members grows, the amount of accruals will decrease.

We continue working, the implementation process is gradual and slow. We do not want to make mistakes, the system is very complex, and our team is quite small for such tasks. Parts of the system are connected with one another so any mistake causes failures, often in unpredictable places.

This is general information. And as usual on our VCs, we give information with some advance. Such a privilege is for the closest and most attentive. Of course, we prepare detailed documentation and rules. In due time they will be published in the documentation section of the helpdesk and news.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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