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    Using an Android device, download our app from Google Play Store. Launch the app and click register. You don't need to enter your e-mail or phone number. All you need to do is to remember your secret code, as it will be required when signing in on a different device or web app. You can also register through our web application. At the moment our web app does not have the same functionality as our mobile app and it is much more condensed.

    In order to form a connection, you must first be authorized in our Fenomy system. After that, go to “user account” and press “create relation”. You will be given a choice of scanning a QR code or exchanging codes.

    Anyone can join the Ambassador Program through our Telegram bot, by completing the captcha and start to complete ambassador tasks. There are 5 entry tasks, after which you become a Fenomy ambassador.

    A Fenomy ambassador is a person who represents the Fenomy System where they are located, as well as completes ambassador tasks that are given automatically by the Fenomy system. Learn more here.

    You can join the Fenomy Friday LIVE in this telegram group.