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Fenomy Blockchain Testing (PHASE 1)

Published May 17, 2022 16:16
Last update Dec 19, 2022 10:55

We started PHASE 1 of Fenomy Blockchain testing. Every active member of the system can participate.

Lasting: May - June 2022.

To participate:

1) Install Fenomy app via Google play or APK. The application version — 1.06 and higher.

2) Grant all permissions required during installation.

3) Enable geolocation on your phone.

4) Confirm email, fill in profile data.

5) Create at least one connection with another fenomy id.

6) Go to Profile and enable Use Blockchain option in the Blockchain tab.

7) Select the battery load on your device from 1% to 5%.

No other conditions are required for the first participants of the network. After the first phase of the testing is completed, we will introduce the following requirements for participation:

- minimum reputation value (FR) in the system.

- minimum balance of FENOMY BEP20 tokens on the bound BEP20 BSC wallet.

When everything is done, you need to wait a few hours, then open the application, go to the Blockchain tab and check the numerical values ​​of Own and Other. They must be above 0. These values ​​represent the number of two types of tasks that your device has completed in the network. There will be 4 types of tasks in total.

Each task has its own cost. For the testing period, the cost is fixed.

For Own tasks you get 0.1 FNM

For Other – 0.05 FNM

All completed tasks are counted once a day at 00:05 UTC. After the calculation, the earned FNM are automatically paid out.

No other action is required. The application itself performs all tasks, accruals are also carried out automatically. You only need to make sure your device is online with enabled geolocation, and the application has all the permissions to run in the background.

Operation tracker will be available very soon.

Important: not every device is suitable for networking. It depends on the manufacturer, device model, OS version and other features. It is not yet possible to determine what kind of a device will work better or worse. After a while, we will make such statistics.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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