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Reputation (FR) is one of the key parameters of Fenomy and is used to determine the reliability of entities (members, groups, incidents, etc.).
Reputation can affect the capabilities of system entities.
Reputation affects the amount of rewards for completing tasks in the system.
Reputation is calculated using special formulas with many variables.
Reputation calculation formulas for various entities differ but are interdependent.
Reputation can be private or public.
Reputation is updated once a day after midnight UTC.
A new system entity immediately after creation has a reputation of 115.

Reputation is determined by the following indicators (more than 150 in total):
- Profile age. It is calculated from the first login in the system and the accrual of registration reward.
- Connection periodicity and activity in the system.
- Whether the application is installed on the mobile device.
- Whether personal data are entered.
- Whether email is entered and confirmed.
- Whether the skills are filled.
- Commitment to accept or create tasks.
- Commitment to receive or send signals.
- Connections in circles.
- Connection activity.
- Reputation of connections.
- Balance of FNM and tokens.
- Participation in groups of all types.
- Reputation of groups.
- Participation in the Ambassador program.
- Participation in the testing community.
- Subscription to external information platforms of the system.
- Cheating, mass registrations and other unhealthy activity.
- Warnings and complaints.
- Availability of a personal link, public QR codes.
- The number of active referrals at all levels.
- People's dispatcher.
- Participation in Fenomy Blockchain.
- Bound BSC wallets.
- Whether the collection of logs is enabled.
- Public reputation.
And much more...


1. When calculating reputation not all indicators in the system development process can be taken into account.

2. Indicators can positively and negatively affect reputation.
3. Significance of indicators is different.

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