AMA review August 12 2022

Last updated on Aug 13, 2022 15:33
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 1) Fenomy will be introduced at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, October 17-18, 2022. The announcement is already published on our official pages.

2) This weekend we are amnestying everyone who has been blocked on telegram during all the time. In the future, our system bot will deal with this subject.

3) What is going on now in the project?

Technical: in recent weeks, we have been actively developing the main systems in debug mode, increasing loads and collecting a large amount of debug information. This may cause some problems for users from time to time, but it is necessary for further development.

We are preparing to separate the services and to put into operation the new servers that will distribute the load and provide the ability to increase the load by tens and hundreds of times. The process is scheduled, and for objective reasons we started it a few months earlier than we wanted.

The complexity of the task lies in the fact that we are carrying out large-scale work, when users are already working in the system and it cannot be stopped just like that.

Non technical: we are developing all the key components according to the project roadmap. Plans for the near future:
- authorization / profile creation / wallet binding / exchange via Trustwallet will become available. We are testing it right now.
- automatic exchange will start working without manual confirmation by the administrator.
- we will update documentation, including the roadmap.
- there will be updates of important information on development plans, a new version of WP. We are working on it.

- new languages on the website.

What else has come up lately:
- we released a stable version 1.09 and a mid-term version 1.10 of the mobile application with a number of fixes and improvements. The APK is already available on the site.
- version of the app in Chinese + it is possible to quickly add new languages.
- universal telegram bot in communities with a rewards program for moderators and admins.
- the exchanger is in full operation. Now you can exchange 100% of the balance having 50FNM and more on your balance.
- reputation is now updated every day. We added new options.
- we improved the operation of the mobile part of the blockchain.

Thank you for your support!

We are always happy to help you!

Fenomy Team


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