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The «Objects» tool

Published Jul 26, 2023 07:11
Last update Feb 23, 2024 08:38

It is designed for selecting individual objects on a map, classifying them, and assigning specific properties to them.

The «Objects» tool been developed with the purpose of efficiently selecting and categorizing individual objects within a given area and is specifically tailored to be implemented on the territories of these large-scale collaborators.

Every object now can possess its very own perimeter, description, and even attached media.
To maintain order and ensure public safety, objects can be open or closed to the public, with specific penalties for violating these regulations.

If the app is installed on the user's mobile device, when approaching an object, a notification appears with a description of the object or a warning message.

Each object has a reputation, just like any other entity in the ecosystem.

Objects are linked to various groups and are under the careful management of group administrators and territorial authorities.

Each member of the ecosystem will be able to create their own objects in groups where they have the authority to do so in the future.

Any actions related to the «Objects» tool are carried out via the Fenomy Blockchain.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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