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Gempad AMA Recap 16.03.24

Published Mar 18, 2024 10:19
Last update Mar 18, 2024 12:40

Leading up to the launch, in collaboration with the Gempad team, we have devised a campaign to shine the spotlight on our asset and project.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Look out for engaging AMAs across various communities in the upcoming week, each delving into different facets of the project.
  • Starting Monday, we kick off an Airdrop featuring 10,000 tokens. Stay tuned for details on our official platforms to participate.
  • We will roll out a competition where the rules will be unveiled.
  • Engage with us through diverse social media, telegram, and Reddit channels throughout the week.
  • Expect to see two significant press releases in major media outlets, amplifying the project's reach.
  • In addition, we will make a video pitch deck presentation at the Launch, simplifying the project for wider accessibility.

Stay tuned for news in the pipeline that will provide deeper insights into our endeavors. Given the amount of information, it's important to connect with us on our social media platforms.

Horizon and Fenomy will be showcased at GISEC GLOBAL, the largest cybersecurity event in the Middle East and Africa happening next month in the Emirates. Our primary focus remains on integrated security systems in critical sectors.

This event is just the beginning, with more engagements scheduled throughout April, May, and the fall.

The development of this system commenced at the start of 2020 and has since made significant progress. Funding for this project comes from the team's own resources.

Currently, the project is in the process of being implemented widely under official agreements with partners. Over the years, strong partnerships have been established, including with governmental bodies in five countries.

So, what is Horizon? Horizon is a specialized security system tailored for critical systems, leveraging blockchain technology and a unique trust consensus model. It relies on horizontal connections, entities' reputation, and real-life behavioral patterns.

Used by various ecosystem applications, Horizon ensures high levels of user and data security.

Horizon is part of the Fenomy ecosystem.

The Horizon project, which began over three years ago, launched its public network in January. Since then, the network's capabilities have been gradually expanding.

By the end of spring, the system is slated to be fully operational. This deployment includes innovative technologies developed specifically for bolstering security in critical real-sector systems.

As we get ready for the system to be fully up and running by the end of spring, we're excited to roll out some important solutions for clients and industries.

One thing about Horizon is how it brings users from different apps together without them needing to be blockchain experts or deal with complex setups. Whether you're a tourist in Chile, a museum worker in the mountains, or just someone browsing information archives, you'll automatically become part of the network without any extra steps.

This easy access solves a big challenge for many networks – it meets people's needs without them having to jump through hoops, and that means we have created demand for the network.
Horizon brings together a set of brand-new technologies custom-made to boost security in vital systems across the real sector.

These technologies include:

  • Horizon Security Blockchain
  • Horizon Consensus
  • Horizon Digital Signatures
  • Horizon Multi Random
  • and more.

What sets Horizon apart is its cutting-edge network structure, built to be steady and adapt to the growing computational capabilities of quantum systems worldwide.

Horizon plays a vital role in tackling various critical challenges such as verifying the source of queries, safeguarding security events, shielding user profiles from harmful actions, confirming changes to personal data, validating ecosystem operations, ensuring the integrity of communications, managing digital signatures, overseeing intellectual property rights, streamlining document flow, engaging in digital contracts, overseeing agreements and transactions, conducting asset transactions, and managing version control.

What exactly is HM or Horizon Marketing, and why do we need it?

Horizon Marketing is a specially designed token used for running extensive marketing campaigns for the system's products. By owning and engaging in transactions with this token, individuals actively contribute to the promotion and widespread recognition of this innovative system.

The asset Horizon Marketing (HM) has been named to clearly indicate its purpose of driving a comprehensive marketing campaign for the Horizon System. This includes promoting a global initiative for the Horizon Ecosystem, which features the Horizon Security Blockchain, Horizon Consensus, Fenomy token, and other related products to introduce Horizon's solutions to the market.

This marketing effort will cover all our activities, products, and assets, highlighting the significance of the Fenomy token alongside the new Horizon Security blockchain within the ecosystem. The value of the Horizon Marketing token is designed to increase as the marketing campaign gains momentum. With growing demand for the Horizon Security Blockchain, the Horizon Marketing token will see a rise in value, leading to smoother trade operations, higher returns for asset holders, an expanded marketing budget, and an escalated campaign reach.

Some key features:


HM tokens can be converted into any fiat asset within the Horizon network's investment system. Once converted, all HM tokens will be burned, ensuring a seamless transition to the desired investment system fiat asset within the Horizon network.


HM holders receive automatic accruals of 0.5% of all token transactions based on their proportionate share


Will be implemented in the system this spring.

Airdrops and Competitions

HM holders will have the chance to engage in periodic airdrop events, contests, and draws. The number of tokens held and the length of ownership will heavily influence participation in specific events. Holding more tokens and owning them for longer durations increase the chances of receiving advantageous bonuses from the project.

Special Privileges

Owners of HM tokens will be granted special privileges when utilizing ecosystem tools. The duration of engagement with the project will unveil additional privileges and opportunities for token holders to explore.

Exclusive Access to the First NFTs on Horizon

HM token holders will enjoy exclusive privileges to obtain the first algorithmic NFTs on the Horizon network under favorable terms or as unique gifts. The initial limited collection is expected to be launched this spring, showcasing a limited number of collections for early access by HM token owners.

Equity Interest Exchange Opportunity

Participants can convert Horizon's system fiat assets into shares of an international holding entity that will be established in the latter half of 2024. This entity will consolidate all projects, technologies, and assets within its scope. To be eligible for this exchange opportunity, individuals are required to hold an investment asset for a minimum of six months.


How does HM differ from Fenomy?

Fenomy token serves a distinct purpose in the system by facilitating cross-chain operations and reinforcing reputation. It is an ecosystem tool intended for specific functions. On the other hand, HM is specifically structured as a marketing tool and serves as the target token for marketing initiatives. While both assets complement each other and are mutually beneficial, comparing them directly is not feasible.

What are the projects the Horizon is already involved in?

The team is now in talks on that regard. We are open for integration: KYC platforms and intellectual property.

How the system determines the importance of a transaction?

Different transactions have different importance. There is a scale of importance. For example, registering contracts, would be the most important type. Becoming a user, a user changing something in his personal space or just authorizing – that would be a less important transaction.

Do you plan bridging HM on your chain directly or it will always be BSC?

It’s BSC now but in the future there will be SOLANA and Ethereum

How the Fenomy app is gong to be adapted for elderly people, blind ones, children for them to fully use the features of it?

The system is fully customizable from the inside. For elderly people the system will most likely be set by younger relatives. People with dementia or the ones who often lose their phones can have them sewn into clothes (like a jacket) – in such cases phones don’t have to be utilized. There is a function of drawing a geo-fence in the system. If an elderly person or a person with dementia or a child leaves the certain range their relative gets a notification. The app also works without internet connection.

Are you going to involve AI into Horizon?

AI still needs a couple of years to be fully accessible. We of course will be looking into the AI and use it if we consider it needed. For optimization, for example. But we don’t need it for today.

How a regular person can walk in, understand the website and use the system in everyday life?

The system has a mobile app, which is easy to use. We are now working on the web app of the system. The website contains the tech information and also the use cases which are very understandable. As part of it, we started implementation of the system in the regions – for people in large open territories.

What challenges did you face with the utility of the system? While you are still developing what problems are you trying to avoid now?

The Roadmap on the website shows our path. We are for the most part meeting all our deadlines, sometimes we make other things that are not on the roadmap, so basically we are on the path we need to be.

What fiat are now available to be converted to?

Now we have two fiats, and we are going to have five more in the near future.

What advantages the first holders of exclusive NFTs will have?

The details of benefits for the NFTs holders will be published in late April.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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