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Horizon ensures the security of sending messages and their integrity

Published Jun 15, 2024 15:31
Last update Jun 15, 2024 15:31
Ensuring the security of sending messages and their integrity is one of the tasks the Horizon solves.

To work with messages, Horizon uses Sent message verification contract, which performs verification of sent messages.

Messages can be text or contain other data, can be sent to a group, incident or personally by one user to another. 

All message operations are public and available in the Horizon operations monitor.

No source data of messages is used or transmitted during operations, only the results of their hashing.

Messages are verified only if the Requester authentication of the message author was previously successfully passed. This eliminates the possibility that a message can be sent on behalf of another person, even in the case of theft or loss of access data.

This method is universal and can be applied in any client solutions using Horizon.
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