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Personal links

Published Apr 22, 2022 11:17
Last update May 12, 2023 09:47

 System members can now use permanent unique personal links to invite new members in exchange for a reward.

After logging in, you can find your link in your Personal Account on the website, Fenomy.com. It is located in the top right-hand corner of the website.

What benefits does a personal link provide?

  • Fenomy "remembers" anyone who entered the system through a personal link. The link works up to level 4.
  • For each account fulfillment by users that join via a personal/referral link, the member whose link was used will receive lifetime rewards.
  • New system members raise the user's reputation (FR), which will affect the amount and types of rewards you can get in the system.
  • As the system evolves, the user will gain access to additional benefits and opportunities.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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