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Last updated on May 20, 2022 09:01
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Fenomy app for Android now has an option of emergency call for help in case of danger to life and wellbeingthe ALARM.

When you press the Alarm button, the gadget immediately switches to the maximum battery saving mode.

Next, the application starts collecting data on the movement of the device and tracking the signal. When even the weakest and short-term signal appears, Fenomy application sends the information to the data processing server in small packets using a special protocol.

If the Alarm is triggered without active internet, the application waits for the network to appear and immediately sends a signal to the server with the latest current coordinates. In case of stable connection, the application sends the entire track of movement from the moment of the help request.

As soon as the server detects the Alarm, notifications are sent to people from the first circle, as well as to everyone who agreed to receive alarms not only from the first, but also from the 2nd - 4th circle.

Everyone who receives the notification are able to see where the signal source is located on the map and the exact distance to it, read the text comment if it is sent.

When ready to help, signal recipients press "Accept Call" and are automatically connected to information updates. In other words all movements of the alarm source are immediately displayed in Fenomy app on the devices of friends, family and other people who accepted the call. The one who triggers the Alarm will see how many people accepted the call.

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