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AMA review - 29 April, 2022

Published May 04, 2022 07:56
Last update Dec 29, 2022 13:01

We keep updating the system. We completed all the work on the mobile application and now are waiting for Google Play to approve version 1.05. We made quite a lot of corrections and improvements.

The main update feature of this version is that it contains functionality to include mobile devices in the Fenomy blockchain. It has been decided, that everyone will have the option to set the load from 1% to 5% of the devices power consumption and connect to the network. Depending on the selected load, certain work will be carried out, for which the user will get a reward in FNM daily at midnight UTC.

Update to the web application: It is a preliminary update with the main structure of the website includes the helpdesk and ticket systems. The next update will happen on May 1. After which authorization via Metamask will be available, as well as binding a BEP20 wallet to your Fenomy ID. The internal exchange of FNM <-> Fenomy token will also be available.

On May 1, the internal exchange will be available to use, transactions will be enabled inside the system and all the Ambassador program participants will get rewards for completed tasks.  Everyone will get bonuses.

We also continue to work on the incident control center, groups and tasks. It is necessary for our partner projects’ development. All work is going on alongside. We are also systematically working on the new design of the entire system.


Q: How the reputation is working? Does the reputation depend on the amount of coins a member has? Is it possible to create a new account with standard reputation and transfer all the coins to it?

A: The reputation very little depends on the amount of coins. But it depends on a lot of parameters – now they are 44, soon 7 will be added.


Q:“Passive income” option will be similar to staking?

A: No. Passive income is daily accruals for participating in the Blockchain operation. You just have to set the option “Use Blockchain” in the application and not turn off the geolocation.


Q: What inspired you to create Fenomy application? Why not just only the token?

A: The idea to build an ecosystem came first. The token is part of the ecosystem. And the app will be very useful for people.


Q: Are you planning listing on big exchanges? If yes, where? Will there be a launchpad?

A: No launchpad. We will be listing on XT.com on May 4. Listing on other exchanges is now considered.


Q: Once you said the app is your priority. Will you stop developing the token in the future?

A: The token is part of the ecosystem so developing the system means developing the token as well. The token has its own functional purpose in the system. And to be clear the priority is the ecosystem as a whole, the application as well as the token is just part of it. There will be many other apps.


Q: How is FENOMY token connected to the app? Will it be possible to buy chargeable services in the app for FENOMY token?

A: As we said before, the token itself is attached to the ecosystem. It will be directly connected with the Reputation server and some other features in the future. The application and all its tools are free so you won’t have to buy anything.


Q: Do you plan to somehow contribute to an increase in the number of token holders?

A: Our contribution is developing the system. As it develops and the demand increases, the number of token holders will also increase. Besides, participants and users of centralized exchanges will also be holders within these exchanges.


Q: Why do you have two separate coins FNM and FENOMY? When are you going to combine them?

A: Only FNM is a coin. It is for our internal transactions and it “lives” on our own Blockchain. FENOMY is a BSC token made for trading. We don’t make new coins. The amount of FNM is fixed and won’t increase.


Q: Have you been in contact with those who want to build their projects using your Blockchain?

ADefinitely, we are now working with our partners. For example, People’s Dispatcher is not our project. It is being developed for a big community. We are also negotiating with our partners to implement new ideas.


Q: Could you please share some details about Metamask?

A: Of course. You will be able to connect your Metamask to the website in order for you to do the swap. You will also be able to use your Metamask to log in the system.


Q: When will you launch the IOS version?

A: Later, because now we’re working on updates for Android. As soon as we finish all the work on the app.


Q: What are the benefits for long term investors of the project?

A: We are originally a long-term project. It has huge potential. Look through the Roadmap and you’ll understand the way the project is moving forward. That’s what makes an investor appreciate the project.


Q: What are your top 3 priorities for 2022?

A: All the details you can find in the Roadmap. But we can stand out Incident control center, which our partners need; work with groups and tasks; Blockchain development and launch of public Blockchain.


Q: Can we bye token before listing on XT.com?

A: Certainly, you can swap it on Pancake.


Q: How secure is the platform?

A: We have audits and the token is classified on BSCscan.


Q: Can the concept of “circles of trust” be used by many companies?

A: Very true. Companies using the platform will be able form their “circles of trust” and make transactions. And all transactions will be carried out inside the system using FNM.


Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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