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AMA review 24 June, 2022

Published Jun 27, 2022 11:24
Last update Dec 28, 2022 12:04

The first phase of  testing is going well. More than 400 devices are already working in our network, receiving daily rewards and helping us in system development. There are no problems in network operations, the efficiency is very high. With testing we have found certain bugs and affected arias that are now being fixed and all issues are being solved.

On July 1, we will start the 2nd phase of the testing. Its main task is to test the network while increasing the load and prepare it for the launch of the third type of tasks.

Phase 2 will run throughout July. November 1, we mark the 3rd phase of testing. Those who continually participate in 1-2 phases and accumulated more completed tasks will be able to earn the most.

IMPORTANT: During the 2nd phase, integration with reputation and BEP20 tokens balance will come into play.

If there is no tokens balance, the reward will be much less than with a balance. There is no need to transfer tokens, they remain on the owner’s wallet. The more tokens there are on the owner's wallet, the higher the accrual ratio will be.

Now, keeping the tokens on the balance along with participating in the blockchain operation can bring real benefits — participants get additional accruals. Holding the tokens is now profitable, because they will generate income every day.

In addition, our Blockchain development and launch is ahead of schedule. At this stage, we can predict completing the work by the end of 2022, although it was scheduled for the spring of 2023 according to the plan.


Reputation will affect the amount of accruals. The main task of reputation is to identify reliable and conscientious system members, while keeping them anonymous for other system participants.

Reputation is a complex parameter. More than 50 parameters affect the reputation.

Some of them are:

- The quality of connections. If connections are not active, they don’t affect the reputation.
- Cheating. Suspicious and high risk activity accounts may lose their reputation, and therefore the ability to work in the system.
- People's dispatch.
- Fenomy id integration with BEP20 wallets
- Balance of FENOMY tokens.

The system is ready to pay for high reputation. Everyone is interested in this, because high reputation of participants increases reliability of operations in the network.

Android & Web Applications
We continue comprehensive work on other system components. We update all algorithms and applications in stages. We take into account the wishes of system members and partners. Due to the constant testing process, we are able to identify many problems and solve them in real time.

Version 1.08 of the mobile application has already become available. Almost all components of the system have been updated.

The most relevant, of course, concerns algorithms. Block generation on devices and the algorithm for their confirmation have been significantly improved.

We also improved separate parts of applications, such as history, incidents, announcements, transactions, and solved the identified problems.

The current versions are preliminary because the main task is to complete the development of new components. This process is going according to the plan.

Also working on:

1) New languages in the application and on the website. Next in line is Chinese, then Arabic, German, French and other.

2) Design of the entire ecosystem. The process is slow, but moving forward. The issues have been solved so we will continue implementation soon.

3) Incident Control Center. An extremely important component for our partners.

4) System documentation.

5) Application development for devices working without the support of Google services.

Traditional insides!

1) ERC-20 token will be done! Details in the first half of July. That will be exclusive!

2) 2 powerful media events related to Fenomy are expected in August and October. In October there will be the key event in its significance for the whole of 2022. Details will be in due time. Our new marketing strategy from today is focused exactly on October.

Fenomy Team reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, or remove portions of the announcements at any time by posting the amended version on the website.

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